Aquarian Dawn Sadhana - Pritpal Singh

Aquarian Dawn Sadhana - Pritpal Singh

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On Pritpal Singhs CD you will hear Sadhana melodies which touch the heart and are very suitable and inviting to sing along with in the early morning.
These melodies are engaging and meditative - their rhythms, often like in Country music, inspire vibrantly, but it is mostly Pritpal Singhs profound and velvet like voice which creates a magic from which you can’t withdraw. – the voices and instrumentation are dynamic and uplifting.
With the use of slide guitars, mandolin and banjo, Pritpal has brought together just the right amount of Americana flavor to hold your interest – along with a deep, heart-felt reverence that holds you entranced.




1. Long Ek Ong Kar (07:05)
2. Wha Yantee (07:26)
3. Mool Mantra (07:05)
4. Sat Siri Siri Akal (07:11)
5. Rakhe Rakhanhar (07:22)
6. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (22:03)
7. Guru Ram Das Guru (05:07)
8. Long Time Sun (03:29)
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