All Gratitude - Sajah Singh

All Gratitude - Sajah Singh

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Lovely piano- and violin tunes and soft vocals are the openers of this album in the first piece I Am - being probably one of the most important affirmations on the spiritual path. Two more mantras, as well as two instrumental tracks, lay the perfect foundation for contemplation, meditation and yoga. A little similar in musical style to the CDs of Gurunam (J.M. Levry), the mantras come out straight, powerful and easy to follow and sing along. Cool groove-sounds and flowing soundscapes give a contemporary frame to this music. The two instrumental tracks are suitable both for relaxation and singin your own mantra along.




1. I Am (11:33)
2. Guru Ram Dass (11:42)
3. Wahe Guru (22:33)
4. I Am Instrumental (11:33)
5. Wahe Guru Instrumental (08:33)


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