Ambrosial Sadhana - Ravidas

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Ambrosial Sadhana - Ravidas

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It was the Aquarian Sadhana practice that first inspired Ravidass (Calgary, Canada) to take his Kundalini Yoga teacher training and begin composing mantra music. Aquarian Sadhana awoke a connection to his soul like he never previously experienced.
When he decided to release a sadhana album, it was this connection with the practice that helped him channel the melodies and chord structures. Each mantra was written by Ravidass on the spot within a few minutes. With his guitar in hand, he took a breath to sing the first note, not knowing what would come out. After months of composing, recording, mixing and mastering that followed, the collection of mantras on Ambrosial Sadhana are the result.
Ravidass` compositions embody the essence of the Aquarian mantras. The dynamics, energy and melody of each mantra communicate on an energetic level what the mantra stands for. It was only after the compositions were written that Ravidass realised this correlation. It is because of this correlation that Ambrosial Sadhana provides such a deep and transformative meditative experience.




1. Morning Call (07:20)
2. Wah Yantee (07:14)
3. Mul Mantra (07:11)
4. Sat Siri Siri Akal (07:10)
5. Rakhe Rakhan Har (07:14)
6. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (22:13)
7. Guru Ram Das (05:12)
8. Long Time Sun (01:26)


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